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Mojo Pork Tacos

Welcome to the Gumbo Mojo Food Truck webpage.  We are a family run food business new to the Sarasota area.   We can be reached at (941) 914-5003.

From our point of view, we visualize the  Gulf Coast as the “Northern Caribbean”.   Any map will prove that the Gulf and Caribbean are nothing more than two  joining bodies of  water.  Like that same map,   our unique menu also connects the  Gulf Coast with the Caribbean all the way down to Havana!

Our food is a fusion of Cajun and Cuban cuisine.  Think of it as Cuban with a Cajun kick, or vice  versa! 

We take wholesome Cuban comfort foods and influence them with Cajun accents-adding a new dimension to what is traditional. Gumbo Mojo represents the marriage of two unique cultures with culinary similarities.  Combining the two traditions results in a distinct and exciting sensory experience.

We’ve taken such classics as Louisiana Gumbo and added slow cooked Mojo pork and spicy Chorizo.   And then there’s the French Quarter Cuban.  It’s our original version of  a well loved, two culture classic; a pressed sandwich featuring Mojo Pork, Swiss Cheese, Genoa Salami and New Orleans style Muffaletta olive dressing!  Let’s not forget about our own Gator Tots and so much more!

We use fresh, local produce to prepare all of our dishes.  Click on our menu to see it all.  If you’re not hungry now, you darn well will be after reading what we have for you!

Visit us on Facebook or Twitter to see where we’ll be cookin’ it up.   Feel free to shoot us an email at http://www.gumbomojotruck@gmail.com.  Or, give us a call at 941-914-5003.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Stay hungry, my friends!

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  1. CALL DAVE ….SARASOTA SWAP MEET …239-287-0890

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